Power of Attorney -  Each importer must complete Customs Power of Attorney and is asked to return the original to Zanes in advance of arrival of the shipment.  To pull down this form from Zanes’ website click here.  The power should include the importer’s IRS or Social Security number.  It is a limited power of attorney, authorizing Zanes to act on behalf of the importer as described therein.  While a facsimile is acceptable to facilitate trade, the original is required by Customs to be in the files of the authorized broker in the event of an audit.

The effects of Customs Modernization Act, placed additional responsibilities on the importer, which were previously Customs'.  Under the importer's "Reasonable Care" obligations, it is our opinion that the importer should access U.S. Customs (CBP) website for informed compliance publications.  The most important being the "Reasonable Care" checklist, which should be reviewed and followed by all importers.

Customs Form 5106 First time importers should complete this form and return to Zanes well in advance of arrival of shipment.  This information must be presented to U.S. Customs, before the bonding and entry processes can take place.

Customs Bond Importers having a continuous bond should indicate this information in the initial letter of instructions to Zanes, including amount of the bond, surety, effective date, and type of bond.  For importers not having a continuous bond, but wishing to purchase one, a bond application form available through our website may be completed and returned to Zanes.  A financial statement or other information may be required by the surety, prior to approval of the bond.  A single entry bond for each shipment may be more economical and may be an effective cost management tool.

Consignee/Notify Party Shippers should be instructed to show the importer as the “Consignee”  and Zanes (name, address and fax number) as the “Notify Party” on the ocean bill of lading.

Documents for Clearance An original set of documents should be sent to Zanes at least one week prior to arrival of shipment.  These documents should include:

a)  Original ocean bill of lading
b)  Commercial Invoice (per 19 CFR 141.86-89)
c)  Packing/Weigh List
d)  Any other documents specific to the commodity as required by CBP or other agency (see Importing to the U.S. ...)

Credit/Cash for Outlays We ask all customers forward funds to cover their outlays for ocean freight/THC and Customs Duty/fees when sending documents to us for handling.  Where checks cannot accompany documents and we request funds or send an invoice, we solicit your utmost effort in processing checks or wires to avoid delayed delivery.  If you have arranged credit terms with our Financial Officer, we respectfully ask you meet those terms.

Customs Classification - Whenever possible importers should provide Zanes with the Customs classification of their products.  Otherwise, Zanes will determine to the best of its ability the proper classification based on information you provide.  Sales brochure or website address describing your product(s) and use will be of value in determining classification.



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