- Before establishing an import program -- or refining your existing one -- review your needs with ZANES.  Our knowledgeable personnel can advise and assist you in producing a trouble-free import program, both in transportation and expedited delivery of your goods, and in complying with the requirements and review by forty-plus government agencies.  Go to Customs import requirements and import procedures for importing information.

TRANSPORT TO THE UNITED STATES - A network of U.S. and world-wide agents enables ZANES to arrange transportation from anywhere in the world to any destination in the United States.  ZANES provides very competitive transport pricing to enable our importers to have the best total costs available.

INSURING WORLDWIDE - Thanks to our excellent contacts with marine underwriters, ZANES can provide the required insurance for cargo moves between the U.S. and any point in the world -and at very competitive prices.  The advantages of our arrangements are many: for example, should you experience general average on one of your shipments, our underwriters will post bonds to release your goods without the required cash deposit.

CARGO ADMISSIBILITY - More than forty U.S. government agencies have interest in the admissibility of foreign goods and services into U.S. markets.  Importers can incur serious penalties if proper releases are not obtained.  ZANES properly handles your clearances by identifying agency requirements and securing the proper releases.

ELECTRONIC CUSTOMS FILINGS - ZANES is a full-service automated customs broker.  From ISF "10+2" filing, selectivity processing, customs entry summary (all types), ACH payment processing, Periodic Monthly Statement processing for eligible importers, including other government agency filings such as Food & Drug, including Anti-Bio Terrorism Prior Notification, DOT, FCC filings, USDA, CPSC, etc.  Additionally, electronic filing extensions, protests, and customs rulings are all available.  These processes expedite the release of cargo, and permit the timely payment of customs duties.

MARKING - ZANES can assist importers in establishing proper marking, tagging and labeling of goods, avoiding costly delays and expensive corrective measures after the arrival of the product in the U.S.

LANDED COST - For importers who need to know their costs per unit into warehouse immediately upon arrival, ZANES can provide landed costs reports.  Our reports describe all costs, including, but not limited to, freight, duty, user's fees, port charges and other overheads the importer may want factored into the cost of the product.  This enables early delivery to clients, with the assurance that the pricing is proper.

DRAWBACK ON DUTIES PAID - If an imported product is exported as is, or made into another product, the importer or its customers may be entitled to a refund of customs duties.  ZANES can determine if drawback is applicable and can secure your refund for you.

IMPORTER COMPLIANCE - By law, importers are required to maintain certain records for a period of five years.  These records must be readily available for U.S. Customs compliance audits.  ZANES can assist the importer in identifying needed records and in being prepared when Customs calls.



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